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Drawing has been a mainstay of my whole life. I have a BFA from the University of Tennessee in Fine art with an emphasis in drawing and an MFA from the University of Tennessee in Costume Design. After I got my BFA I made a lot of abstract work but failed to find much of an audience (especially since this was the pre-facebook/instagram era of the internet). Looking for a place to use my skills and a life long love of performance based art, film, and theatre, I began a new direction with costume design and have been there ever since working as a professional costumer. Although drawing is a fundamental way to communicate with design, I found myself drawing less and less. What was once a big part of my life was almost completely gone... Then I bought an ipad pro.

The Drawings

Coupled with my desire to draw is the intense joy I get from film, TV, and pop culture in general. When I decided it was time to begin drawing again, I naturally was drawn to actors, musicians, and characters that have become a big part of my own cultural language. What began as just an excuse to draw has become a passion project where I pay homage to the characters I adore. It is a common language I share with many others crossing generational and cultural lines. Basically, I love drawing clothes, hair, and skin. The fact that these characters live in the hearts and minds of so many is just a bonus.


My drawings are all done on my ipad pro with the Procreate design app. I am well versed in pencils, ink, markers, acrylic, and watercolor, but the immediacy and ease of digital art within my very busy schedule excites me to no end.


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