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It all started with Kramer.

I used to make informational images/memes for a website that shall remain nameless. Every night after the household would quiet down I would sit at my laptop and make memes for hours. Sometimes it would pay off and sometimes it wouldn't, but regardless I got pretty successful at getting the content I was making chosen to appear on the site. AND I was getting paid! Then the site decided it no longer wanted user submitted work, then it no longer wanted any freelance work at all, and slowly but surely... I no longer worked for them. They were a part of my life for 3+ years and I am deeply saddened to no longer be a part of that community. Then immediately after... covid 19 happened.

We were sent home from our "meatspace" jobs to work from home and I found myself watching reruns and missing the interactions I had working with the aforementioned nameless website. I had bought my iPad around Christmas-time, and so far it had been used as a glorified TV. I thought to myself "all those geeks on Facebook might like a drawing of Kramer?" That night I found this screenshot ("Here's to feeling good all the time.") and attempted to make a drawing from it. I had only played with Procreate a few times before, drawing dinosaurs and theoretical costume drawings. I had no idea what I was doing and which brushes were things I would like. I just forged ahead. All-in-all, I really love this drawing of Kramer. It's a genuinely funny moment where he takes his mission entirely too far to bait an acquaintance into revealing to him that he had been using Jerry and George's money to buy drugs (why did he think this would work!?) The big fuzzy sweater (which ends up serving a pretty important plot point) was fun to try to draw. Now I would probably try to use a brush with inherent texture, but at the time I just attempted to create it myself. The hair was the most fun part and is such a huge piece of Kramer's iconography.

This drawing is a bit of a mess, but I'm fine with it as a first attempt.

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